Nourish Women’s Enterprise Fund

The Nourish Women’s Enterprise Fund will work at the grassroots level in tandem with Nourish by 10C, a kitchen that helps to support women from diverse socio-economic backgrounds in Guelph and Wellington County to develop local food ventures designed to create social outcomes and economic opportunities. The Nourish Women’s Enterprise Fund will provide customized one-to-one project support, kitchen and community facilities and micro-investments to support women in their social/food sector enterprises. 10C believes that this grassroots applied support will be foundational in helping women design, seed, and grow socially sustainable projects, and will provide a strong base to warrant further investment. The Nourish Women’s Enterprise Fund, will empower women to make use of small loans, create social credit through repayment and extend the benefits of their enterprises into community.

Grant amount: $50,000