InterSight: Community Interpreters Providing Access to Services Via Video As If All Women Are English Speakers

With a dual purpose for social impact, AL plans to expand existing remote interpretation programming by engaging community partners to better serve refugee/newcomer clients. AL has piloted over-the-phone interpretation services through RIO- Remote Interpretation Ontario- with two other non-profit organizations. This pilot was valuable and has convinced AL to build a stronger community plan with a focus on increasing sustainability, anchoring AL’s value proposition, and expanding it to include InterSight, a video option, as a socially responsible alternative in the sector. InterSight would offer immigrant women a level playing field with regards to accessing violence against women services. By providing face-to-face (remote) interpretation services, any woman facing language barriers could walk in, call in, or contact online one of the community partners and communicate clearly and comprehensively as if they are English speakers. Communication is so much more than the spoken word and the visual queues that are lost with telephone interpretation will be safeguarded for women who often find themselves in crisis and seek immediate help and support. InterSight is a service that is intended to save lives

Grant amount: $50,000