Trigger Warning: Physical violence, abuse

On Sunday, April 28th, 2019, I’ll be running The Big Sur Marathon in California without training for it.

It might seem like a terrible idea to run a marathon without training, but I’m in decent physical shape, and I’m motivated by a cause much bigger than myself. I’m running without training because survivors of domestic violence don’t train their bodies to take a hit, or to recover from one. Violence isn’t something you can prepare for.

I’m passionate about this because a beautiful, successful woman that I know was viciously attacked by her former husband leaving her with an acquired brain injury and low mobility.

She goes by the handle Purplesunflower (for safety reasons her name cannot be published), and she inspires and humbles me. She makes me challenge myself to be a better person every day.

To witness her everyday struggles is heart wrenching and gives power to why we all need to find a way to end domestic violence for good.

We need to find ways to better manage our anger, frustration, jealousy, and control, so that it never gets to the point where we may actually cause harm to another person.

We’re each born into this diverse world with a heart, and I believe we love instantly with it. How does this love get altered into hate, where we intentionally hurt another person?

If we could learn to acknowledge what we don’t like, and find a way to manage our anger, we could dramatically reduce violence. We need to learn how to choose our words wisely, and our actions will grow from them.

Yes, it’s going to be really hard to do a marathon without training. I have no running watch, no music I listen to, or any special diet. But the power of Purplesunflower’s journey has me mentally prepared.

Purplesunflower and all victims of domestic violence deserve to be empowered to live their life and – because of the situation placed upon them – this is not easy to do.

Together, let’s stop domestic violence.

You can follow Claudine’s journey by following her on Instagram  @purplesunflower2019. You can also support her run by making a donation to the Foundation here.

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