Anna CordnerWhen she started her career, Anna Cordner looked around and noticed a lot of “group think.”

“People tend to subconsciously hire people that are like themselves, and prefer to work with people that are like themselves,” Cordner says. “That may feel like it makes things easier, because we are all thinking the same, but you really lack the different perspectives that drive value.”

Now, she works for a company that prioritizes diversity and female leadership. Cordner is a Specialist in Integrated Business Planning at the Calgary office of Agrium, a global leader in agricultural products and services.

Cordner co-leads the Agrium Women's Leadership Group in Calgary, which organizes networking and professional development events, as well as a mentorship program. Through this initiative, she learned about the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s Move for Hope event—a one-hour workout that raises funds for women’s shelters and violence prevention programs across Canada.

After meeting many “supportive, fearless, and inspiring” women through Move for Hope, she joined the Foundation’s Calgary Committee. Her eyes were opened to the reality of domestic violence after visiting a local women’s shelter as part of her committee work.

“For me, it’s been such an education. We have a long way to go and awareness is such a big part of it. I feel fortunate to understand the impact the Foundation has in our community and to be able to be part of the change.”

Since becoming a partner in 2010, Agrium has donated over $150,000 to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

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