COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Paulette Senior

Paulette Senior

Paulette Senior is the President and CEO of the Canadian Women's Foundation, and is recognized as one of the most respected and vocal women leaders in the country. Before joining the Canadian Women’s Foundation, Ms. Senior was the CEO of YWCA Canada — the oldest and largest multi-service women’s organization in the country — for 10 years. She has led, managed, and operated shelters, employment programs and housing services, where she supported women, children, and youth in some of Toronto's most economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods. She has worked at Yellow Brick House, YWCA Toronto, Macaulay Child Development Centre, Lawrence Heights Community Health Centre, and Central Neighbourhood House. She has also held numerous volunteer and leadership roles and is currently Chair of Women’s College Hospital, Canada's leading academic ambulatory hospital in women's health. 

Ending systemic racism in school isn’t just about ending streaming

Desks in a classroom

At 11 years old, a Black girl new to the country from Jamaica, I was subject to streaming in my elementary school. Despite my strong academic performance in the past, I was moved into an extremely basic form of education in Canada.


What Racialized Mothers Like Me Really Need

Paulette Senior laughs, sitting down

Forget that myth of natural motherhood. It’s a deliberate process. And in Canada, it’s especially tough for racialized mothers and caregivers like me, including Indigenous mothers and mothers of colour.


On International Women’s Day, Let’s Remove These Six Barriers to Women’s Leadership

Paulette Senior speaks at a podium.

“Hey Mom, what’s the glass ceiling?” “Is it true there’s a motherhood penalty?” “What about the leaky pipeline — what’s that?” Imagine a future where girls don’t hear these terms because they don’t exist. That vision is inspiring us as we mark . This year’s theme, , calls attention to progress we’ve made toward a […]


Four Ways to Support Black Women’s Empowerment During African (Black) History Month and Beyond

Paulette Senior at the launch of the new ten dollar bill.

Wait! Before you spend that crisp new $10 bill, ask yourself if you know the story of the woman looking back at you. Until the new notes came into circulation last year, Viola Desmond’s contribution to Canadian history was one of many by Black Canadians that went unheralded.


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