Woman thinking“How can you let someone treat you that way?

“Why don’t you report it?”

“Why don’t you just leave him?”

There’s a tendency for people to assume that women should be able to just get up and leave abusive relationships, or that reporting the abuse will immediately put an end to the situation, but it isn’t that easy.

Many women struggle to navigate an abusive situation – and the challenges can be even greater for women living with disabilities. What if the abuser is a caregiver or relative you depend on? What if you can’t access help independently? What if the available resources aren’t set up to accommodate your specific needs?

One in five women in Canada live with a disability, and statistics show they experience much higher rates of violence. The infographic below reveals the harsh reality. What it also shows us is how essential it is to consider the needs of ALL women when it comes to preventing violence against women, ending poverty and embracing inclusive leadership.

All women have the right to live free from violence, and disability shouldn’t be a barrier to this right.

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