Margaret NewallThis Valentine's Day, make a commitment to healthy love!  

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Which of the 14 healthy love commitments are you making and why?

Of all the 14 commitments, to me no. 9 best sums up what is needed in an enduring relationship: "I will always speak to my partner with respect." I want my grandchildren to know, partners who respect one another will not try to control each other through violence. They will listen to and support each other.

Drawing from personal experience, what’s your advice for maintaining a healthy relationship?

To maintain a healthy relationship, each partner needs to understand that the other is a separate person, with his or her own needs, wants, and goals. Neither should be subservient to the other. Instead, each supports and encourages the other in the pursuit of their own goals.

Immature love means that, somehow or other, the partner is supposed to fill all one's needs. On the other hand, love is mature when each partner appreciates the other. As Mister Rogers said, "I like you as you are, exactly and precisely, I think you turned out nicely and I like you as you are!" This doesn't mean never having a disagreement. It does mean that such discussions are carried out in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

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