reachAbility Association
Halifax, Nova Scotia

reachAbility Film School will focus on providing the introductory tools, training, experiences, and opportunities to women, 2SLGBTQI+ and non-binary individuals who are interested in the online media, film or television industries. This program supports those who are starting up their own small-to-large scale production studios or seeking avenues of opportunity to share their stories and amplify underrepresented voices in their community while accessing reliable and growing revenue streams. This will include creating a shared network to showcase and amplify voices, featuring creator-driven video and documentary series focussing on topics and subjects close to the artists. These productions will build and rely on an internal network of support and promotion, with every contributor generating buzz and attention within the framework of their own content about the content of another contributor, creating a self-perpetuating system for mutual support and amplification of each other’s content and voices in a non-competitive environment.