Sensory Friendly Dentistry for Women and Girls
Miramichi, New Brunswick

Autism Resources Miramichi Inc. offers free resources to individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, their families, community support workers and professionals throughout Northumberland County, New Brunswick. They will partner with Sensory Friendly Solutions to design a public-facing campaign on sensory-friendly dentistry and its value, in addition to including a free self-assessment tool for dental clinics and staff to conduct a preliminary evaluation of the sensory experience at their location.

They will also include the design and delivery of online sensory-friendly training and certification for dental clinics and staff to enable them to successfully provide oral health care to women and girls currently marginalized and under-treated due to underlying disability and sensory-sensitivity. Together, they will improve the oral health of women and girls with autism in Canada and subsequently improve their health and well-being and reduce inequalities particularly experienced by people with disability.

Grant amount: $45,000