With the season of love around the corner, have you started thinking about the special women in your life? You know, the ones who love you, inspire you to do things you never thought you were capable of. It is so important to practice gratitude and appreciation for your loved ones, especially on a day like Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day!

If you are looking for some simple, creative, and budget-friendly gifts for your loved ones, here are some ideas:

Make a personalized “care package”

Who doesn’t like to be pampered? Self-care is important and means something different to everyone, so be creative with it. Some examples of possible essentials to add in the “care package” could include chocolate, face masks, bath bombs, and self-help books.

Create a playlist on Spotify

Music is the sound of love. You can make the special women in your life’s hearts skip a beat by creating a personalized music playlist. This could be based on the genre or artists they enjoy listening to most. Or it could be songs that make you think of them!

GiA gold pin from Giving Roses Project nestled among pink flowers - Proceeds support the Canadian Women's Foundationft them a different kind of “rose”

Show your appreciation for your partner or pals with a gift that gives back and lasts forever! When you make a donation to the Canadian Women’s Foundation via the Giving Roses Project website, you will receive this beautiful pin and card! And if you want to know how this project got started, and also learn a bit about the history of Valentine’s Day, read this post by one of the co-founders!

Host a paint and wine night

Nothing beats a girl’s night in, especially one with wine! Grab a couple of your favourite gal pals and get some canvas and paint. It does not need to be anything expensive; we are not all Picassos out here! But it will definitely be fun to explore your creativity together!

Make your own charcuterie board

Okay, so wine aside, the real question is where is the food at? And it doesn’t have to be your typical cheese, fruit, and meat platter – you can sweeten things up by creating a dessert charcuterie board. This can include chocolate, candy, and cookies. Maybe it’s a “make your own sundae” bar. The possibilities are endless!

Create personalized bracelets

Throw it back to the days of friendship bracelets! Do you ever have a moment where you miss the person you love the most? Ever want to create something that reminds them of you? Creating a personalized bracelet from scratch is a cheap and sentimental way to show you care. Customize your own bracelets by purchasing some lettered beads and string.

Make a photo album/frame and host a photoshoot with a friend

Dress your best and pose in front of a camera together. From your phone to a Polaroid, make memories with your loved ones and have fun doing it.

No gift is too big or too little, truly it is the thought and effort that counts. Show the women in your life you care through these simple yet fun activities that will make this Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day memorable.

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