COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Le travail inquiétant des femmes dans la pandémie COVID-19

Au Canada, les femmes sont nettement plus inquiètes que les hommes au sujet de la crise COVID-19. Par exemple, un récent sondage réalisé par Abacus Data a révélé que 49 % des femmes ont déclaré se sentir “très inquiètes” de l’épidémie, contre 33 % des hommes. Trente-sept pour cent des hommes ont déclaré qu’ils n’étaient “pas du tout inquiets” ou “peu inquiets” à propos de l’épidémie.


Women’s Worry Work in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Women in Canada are significantly more worried about the COVID-19 crisis than men. For example, a recent poll by Abacus Data found that 49 per cent of women reported feeling “very worried” about the outbreak, compared to 33 per cent of men. Thirty-seven per cent of men said they are “not worried at all” or “worried only a little” about the outbreak.


Meet the Tireless: Operation Grow

This post is part of the Meet The Tireless series: interviews featuring inspiring people and groups who use their talents, expertise, and resources to help advance gender equality in Canada. Visit


10 Ways We All Need to Advance Gender Equality Today

Every six days, a woman is killed by her intimate partner. 2.4 million women and girls living on a low income. 75 cents is how much full-time working women for every dollar men make. Only 14 per cent of grade 10 girls say they are self-confident.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the numbers, so here are ten ways that you can advance gender equality in your own life and sphere of influence.


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