At the Canadian Women’s Foundation, we know we have a unique role to play in advancing gender and racial justice. In a recent Facebook Live discussion, we addressed these intertwined journeys and our commitment to recognizing systemic racism as a key barrier to achieving gender equality for all women.  

In the discussion, Foundation President and CEO Paulette Senior and Board Chair Angela Johnson looked at where we go from here.  

These longtime leaders – who have both been involved in challenging anti-Black racism – shared how encounters with systemic racism in both school and legal systems has impacted their lives. They spoke about what it’s like to live in fear of family members getting stopped by police and how systemic racism means that Black women in abusive relationships might not feel safe to contact police for help.   

“We’re not living or walking in the same shoes as other Canadians,” Paulette said. 

Watch the discussion to learn about the Foundation’s commitment to challenging systemic racism through funding and by using our voice and platform to advocate for stronger action and accountability.  

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