Question markFor the spring 2016 issue of SHE magazine, we invited attendees at our Breakfasts in Toronto and Calgary to share their dreams for women and girls in Canada.

We put the question out there because at the Canadian Women’s Foundation, we have our own dream. It’s that Canada will lead the world by creating the first generation to experience real gender equality. We call this dream GEN1, and it means that:

  • Women and girls live free from violence
  • Women and girls have equal economic opportunity
  • Men and women alike practise inclusive leadership, which is collaborative and respects diversity.

When we asked you about you dreams for women and girls in Canada, we got a wonderful variety of insights and answers. 

Katelyn DongKATELYN DONG Student, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON

“To have the same opportunities and same freedom of choice as the men do in Canada.”



Boitumelo MogomelaBOITUMELO MOGOMELA Administrative Assistant, Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, Toronto, ON

“To see them free from all kinds of abuse, and to see them being able to get good opportunities like  boys and men.”


Vicki SaundersVICKI SAUNDERS Entrepreneur, Founder of SheEO, Toronto, ON

“That we support each other, we ask for help, and that we’re radically generous with each other.”




Research Fellow, Canadian Arab Institute, Toronto, ON

“To grow up never knowing what it feels like for society to make you feel like you’re less than anyone else—that you’re less human, less important, that you’re worth less. To grow up knowing that our value is in being together, working together, and always striving to achieve more.”


Operations Manager, Canadian Arab Institute, Toronto, ON

“To know her rights, realize her potential, and have the confidence and support to achieve her dreams.”



Certified Financial Planner, Portfolio Strategies Corporation, Calgary, AB

“That parents in Canada will raise their boys to understand that women need to be equal. It is the invisible barriers that are the most problematic in advancing true equality for females young and old.”

Patricia WatersPATRICIA WATERS Sales Director, BASc in  Engineering, Toronto, ON

“To have them be much more aware of all the wonderful careers available in the science and technology industry and to be educated in that area as they’re growing up.”


To see even more people responding to our big question, watch the video:

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