How You Can Help

You can help the Canadian Women’s Foundation to end sex trafficking in Canada:

1. Learn about it

Get informed about sex trafficking in Canada by reading our report: From Heartbreaking to Groundbreaking: Stories and Strategies to End Sex Trafficking (check back on October 14, 2014).

2. Speak up

Share what you have learned – talk to your friends, neighbours and family members about the crime of sex trafficking in Canada.

3. Challenge it

Contact your federal, provincial or local government representative to ask what they’re doing to end sex trafficking in Canada, or write a blog post or a letter to the editor of your favourite newspaper.

4. Stop it

If you suspect sex trafficking is happening in your community—or you are a victim of sex trafficking—contact a local sexual assault line, women’s crisis line, or police.

5. Change it

Support our planto end sex trafficking in Canada – donate today!