Young woman in officeDo you do backflips when you hear the word “leadership”?

Does your inner critic tell you you’re just not cut out for it? That you simply don’t have the experience needed and aren’t in any position to tell others what to do?  

But what if being a great leader isn’t about having all the answers or always being in control? What if it’s about listening and collaborating? Working through networks instead of hierarchies?

Rather than thinking we need to change ourselves to become leaders, it’s time to change our perspective on leadership.

If we’re going to achieve gender equality when it comes to leadership in politics, business, and our communities, it doesn’t make sense that everyone has to fit into the traditional briefcase-carrying stereotype. When we embrace a more inclusive perspective, it’s much easier to see ourselves in leadership roles, and to step up when those opportunities arise. 

When you look at the following comparison of traditional and inclusive leadership skills, you’ll probably see many that you already have!

Inclusive Leadership Poster

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