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Sexist, Misogynist and Pro-Rape Language is Ruining the Internet

woman with microphoneI'm reading online comments in Broken Pencil's Deathmatch, a tournament-style short-story competition, and I'm getting fed up with hearing responses like, "he’s gonna mount you like a blow-up doll," and commenters calling others "sugar-tits." When my partner, Andrea Wrobel, was the only female writer to make it into the semi-finals I noticed that many of the comments became personal attacks against her and seemed to suggest she was too young and naïve for the competition. When other stories were criticized for sexism, misogyny, or promoting racial stereotypes those commenters were also personally attacked and authors were silent about the attacks and refrained from responding to the initial criticisms.


“Media Coverage of Sexual Violence on Campus” Panel at Ryerson University

NewsI attended a Ryerson University panel discussion on ‘Media Coverage of Sexual Violence on Campus’, organized by METRAC. The room was packed with young future journalists eager to hear the panelists speak on the issue. Our own Sandra Diaz was one of the panelists, along with Stephanie Guthrie, femifesto, Ron Couchman from the White Ribbon Campaign, and Cyndy Baskin, professor at the School of Social Work at Ryerson.

The discussion revolved around how journalists and media should cover stories of sexual violence in a way that is objective, respectful to the victims, and challenges social norms to drive positive social change.

Everyone in the room knew why this discussion mattered. Rape culture in Canada prevails and media has increasingly covered stories about sexual violence on campuses.  


The Landsberg Award for Feminist Journalism – Calls for Applications

It’s a shock – of surprise, embarrassment and pride – to learn that there’s going to be an award given in your name. Eight years ago, when Bev Wybrow phoned to tell me, in her characteristically fond but wryly understated way, that Foundation supporter Liz Rykert had led an initiative to create a “Michele Landsberg Award” for feminist journalism, I was blushingly delighted. It’s been my long-cherished goal to encourage young writers to interpret the world through a feminist lens. I want to do everything I can to counteract the prevailing blinkered masculinism of so much reporting.


Must Reads for the Week of February 28!

NewsThis week, Cover Girl released a new ad that encourage girls to dream big and never take "You can't do that" for an answer, while Google came under fire for not having gender or racial equality in thier doodles.

A journalist accused women who didn't report thier rape of being responsible for future rapes and Gloria Steinem spoke out about why the feminist revolution is far from over.


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