COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

New Podcast: Alright, Now What?

A woman holds up a protest sign that reads "Alright, now what?"

Alright, Now What?, is a new podcast from the Canadian Women’s Foundation. On this show we’re asking: how does a pandemic affect the most marginalized people among us? And how do we get from there, to where we want to be?

On this season, we’ll be talking to our resident experts about the pandemic’s impact on women and girls, and which structures are failing women during this emergency. Then we’ll be looking forward, to uncover how we can use this challenging time not to go “back to normal,” but instead to invest in a new normal where gender equality is our reality.

Tune in every Monday for a new episode.

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Episode Schedule:

1. The Future of work, Monday, July 6
On our inaugural episode, we dig into why women in the workforce are being disproportionately affected by the pandemic and why we haven’t been able to change the idea that “care work” is real work.

2. The Future of Safety, Monday, July 13
How are those in violent situations seeking help during a pandemic? And why is it that we’re seeing the numbers of reported incidents actually decrease in some areas? Don’t miss our second episode.

Please be advised that this episode contains discussions of gender-based violence. If this topic is triggering for you, consider skipping this episode. If you or someone you know requires support services,  find our directory of services here. If you are in immediate danger, please call 911.

3. The Future of Normal, Monday, July 20
For many individuals, normal was not that great. We tackle the big question of why a new, better normal involves gender equality.

4. The Future of MeToo, Monday, July 27
With workplaces moving more and more online for the foreseeable future, has workplace sexual harassment improved – or simply changed?

5. The Future of All of Us: To be released Tuesday, August 4 (delayed due to Monday’s holiday)

We’ve spent four episodes breaking down just how deeply COVID-19 is impacting women, and particularly low-income, racialized, and gender-diverse folks. But the question remains – what are we doing about it? And how can you help?

This is the future of us, and that means all of us.

In Canada, there are three key mobilizers of social change – service providers, government, and community activism. This week, we’re digging in to each so you can find your place in the movement.

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