Girl smiling in front of GirlPowered billboardIt’s not news that girls are bombarded with thousands of negative messages every day, everywhere they look.

Sometimes it seems like we’re trying to mop up a flood with a cotton swab, but more and more, people are speaking out about disempowering messages and limiting stereotypes aimed at girls. As consumers we’re questioning why girls are marketed to differently than boys, challenging magazines that portray girls’ as no more than the “sum of their fashion, makeup and hair”, and calling out the media industry on its dismal representation of girls.

But, can we truly expect real change when we know that profit models are built upon selling girls and women on false ideals like being skinny, pretty and popular?

And can we expect real change if we continue to leave it to those same marketers, editors, and producers to create the media messages girls see?

What if we stepped out of the way so that girls could create messages for girls?

Enter #GirlPowered: a powerful new platform for girls by girls that challenges limiting stereotypes and encourages girls to use their voice, then share it with the world.

We’re calling on girls across Canada to go to and create a positive #GirlPowered message like this one:

Once they create a message it will be added to the #GirlPowered gallery. These messages can then be shared across social networks.

In January 2017, the #GirlPowered Council of girls will come together and select a series of messages from the gallery to appear in a media campaign in cities across Canada.

Help spread the word by sharing the #GirlPowered video with your friends and family, and asking a girl in your life what #GirlPowered message she’d like to share!

Julia is right: girls ARE fierce like tigers! We can’t wait to see what’s possible in a world that’s #GirlPowered.

Special shout out to Havas Canada for working with girls to bring this campaign to life!

Learn more about the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s #GirlPowered campaign at

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